Choosing the right size

Air Conditioner capacity is measured in BTU, which is the unit used to measure thermal (heat) energy.

The following guide will give you an approximate indication of the aircon capacity to efficiently cool or heat your space. However, It is recommended that you consult with a professional installer in order to ensure that your unit is suitable for your particular needs.

Aircon Series Info

LG M-Series

By utilizing a variable speed compressor rather than a fixed speed compressor, the cooling capacity of the LG inverter system can be varied to suit indoor conditions. The M-series is the most popular unit.

LG Artcool

Energy saving, absolute silence with jet cool and optimised airflow. Multi protection filter that eliminates odours and bacteria whilst styling up your environment.

LG Cassette

LG Ceiling Mounted Cassette provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment, making it the perfect asset for your business. LG Cassette type indoor units also purifies air for a fresher and healthier environment.